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"Together, 'YES WE CAN' payoff the mortgage on the National Headquarters! Your tax-deductible donations to the National Headquarters' Building Fund [NHBF] are needed today in order to 'Burn the Mortgage' by year's ending 2014.... Individual member, group (National Board of Directors, National Executive Committee, regional councils, and chapters, etc.) and memorial donations are encouraged. ... The member who donates the greatest amount of money during the NHBF's campaign period ... will be recognized as the 'NHBF Member Donor of the Year'. In addition, the chapter as well as the region that donates the greatest amount of money during the campaign period will be recognized."

National Headquarters Building Fund:

Goal: $80,000

      Blacks In Government ® Help Us Help Ourselves Initiative

      The "Help Us Help Ourselves" initiative will help ensure our organization continues to be able to promote the well-being of all government employees on issues of equity, excellence, and opportunity in the workplace through advocacy, education, training, legal and financial support.

      All contributions are tax-deductible. Donate on-line or download the pledge form to donate.


  Join Blacks In Government

If you like to join a Blacks In Government Chapter in your local area, please contact the Regional Council President in
 your local area by clicking on: Contact Us on BIGNET. Now, if you do not know the Regional Council President in your area, please contact BIG’s National Office at 202-667-3280 or by e-mail at: