These guidelines establish procedures for the implementation of Blacks In Government’s (BIG) Monetary Assistance Program (MAP). MAP provides monetary assistance to chapters and regional councils to support their specific activities and projects that are in line with the goals and objectives of BIG. In this manner, BIG becomes more effective in accomplishing its goals and objectives.

1. Funding Guidelines

1.1 Requests may be made for refundable or nonrefundable assistance.

  • Monetary assistance that is not to be refunded may be awarded up to $1,500 or regional council.
  • Monetary assistance that is to be refunded must be repaid in 24 months. This amount may not exceed $3,000. Monetary assistance may range from $1,000 to $3,000.
  • A combination of each type of assistance may be approved for a single program. This combination may not exceed $4,500.

1.2 No more than one award of assistance may be made to a chapter or regional council within a three-year period.

1.3 MAP funds can not be applied to expenses associated with any preexisting national programs (i.e., the Annual Blacks In Government National Training and/or Regional Conferences, Information Superhighway Student Competition, and Training In Communications Program).

1.4 The National Program and Planning Committee will review all requests and recommend approval or disapproval to the National Executive Committee. The National Executive Committee is the approving authority for all MAP requests.

1.5 Chapters and regional councils will be made aware of the status or action taken on their request within 30-60 days of submission.

1.6 Final approval for monetary assistance for chapters and/or regional councils will be determined on an as needed basis after a review of financial status.

2. Submission of Requests for Funding

2.1 Applications must be submitted during the first month of the quarter prior to the quarter in which funds are needed. Applications received after the deadline will not be reviewed. All applications must be submitted to the BIG National Office.

Example: Funds needed in 11/12. Request due in the BIG National Office not later than 7/31/13.

2.2 MAP application must be completed thoroughly. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Application forms are at attachment 1.

2.3 Requests for assistance require signatures of at least three chapter or regional council officers, whichever is appropriate.

2.4. Regional Director’s Signature is mandatory on all MAP applications.

2.5 All requests for assistance must be accompanied by the chapter or regional council current bank statements and supportive financial documentation, as appropriate. Also, include budget for project or activity.

2.6 Chapters must send a copy of MAP application to the Regional Council President at the same time they apply for assistance at the national level. Send the original to:

Blacks In Government
Attn: Chair, Program and Planning
3005 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20001

2.7 After the official conclusion of the project or activity, chapter or regional council must complete the following items within 30 days and mail to the BIG National Office. Failure to comply will result in notification by National Executive Committee to National Board of Directors in accordance with Article 5, Section 5, of the National Constitution. MAP recipients must:

  • Complete the MAP Evaluation Form.
  • Provide an expense report of how all funds were actually spent.
  • Return any unused MAP funds after the conclusion of the project, activity, or program.

Completed MAP Evaluation Forms, final expense reports, and reporting of unused MAP funds must be maintained in the BIG National Office. Revised 11/12