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Greetings BIG Members!

BIG's National Legal Review Committee is updating BIG's Attorney Referral Service. The BIG Attorney Referral Service provides BIG members with the names of attorneys in their areas to assist the members with their employment discrimination claims. In order to provide the most extensive listing possible, the Legal Review Committee is asking BIG members to submit the names and addresses of attorneys skilled in employment discrimination law. At this time there is a shortage of skilled employment discrimination attorneys and it is extremely important that members have access to them.

We need you to talk to your friends and families in an effort to identify these lawyers.

If your chapter is interested in increasing the number of attorneys listed for its local area, please see the draft letter below. This format can be used by local chapters to recruit additional names for the referral service.

A list of places to contact for referrals is also listed below.

Please send the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of employment discrimination attorneys as soon as possible to Blacks In Government national office at:

Thank You For Thinking BIG!

Legal Review Committee


XYZ Chapter of BIG 456 DEF Street Town, State Zip

123 ABC Street Town, State Zip

RE: Employment Discrimination Attorneys

Dear Mr. or Ms._____:

I am writing on behalf of XYZ Chapter of Blacks In Government (BIG). BIG is a professional training and advocacy organization that acts as an advocate for the employment and general welfare of black people employed in federal, state and local governments.

XYZ Chapter is seeking the names of capable employment discrimination attorneys to assist our members with their claims. We are asking that your organization share contact information for employment discrimination attorneys. By supplying this information

your organization would be providing an invaluable community service.

Thank you for your assistance.

Please forward information to Mr.______ at (000)000-0000 or I look forward to receiving your response.


Mr. ________

Office or Chair XYZ Chapter of BIG



State Bar Association
City Bar Association
County Bar Association
African American Bar Association (i.e., local chapter of the National Bar Association)
Specialized Bar Associations (i.e., Christian Legal Society)
Professional Associations
Labor Organizations
Social Service Organizations (i.e., National Organization for Women)

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