The Mile High Chapter, Inc. of Blacks In Government meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m. Location: The Retired Enlisted Association, 1599 Dayton Street, Aurora, Colorado. Please contact Johnny Barideaux, Chapter Membership Chair if you have any questions.

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Make a difference!

If you care about making a difference in your workplace or in your community, and if you want to develop yourself personally and professionally, then BIG is for you. There are 4 ways to be affiliated with us:

1. As a regular member - any employee or retiree of Federal, State, or Local government;
2. As an associate member - any person who is in accord with the principles, policies, and objectives of the organization. You receive all rights & privileges of membership except those of voting and holding office; and
3. As a life member - any person who is in accord with the principles, policies, and objectives of the organization, but must be a qualified regular member to vote and hold elective office.
4. As an associate student member - any undergraduate student who is not qualified to be a regular member and is enrolled in an accredited college or university may become a student member of BIG (Fee: $20.00).

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Join BIG

1. BIG Works for You: BIG is the only organization dedicated to the interests of the African American public servant. Other organizations may touch upon the problems that impact you but BIG is made up of people who share your interests, your concerns, and your problems.

2. BIG is an Advocate: BIG speaks out on issues affecting the government workplace. BIG testified before the Congress on legislations reforming the EEO process, racial discrimination in government, and affirmative employment. BIG also spoke out on the disparate rate of discharge of African Americans from the federal service, the national performance review, and downsizing. BIG recently had a public hearing on the assault against affirmative action.


3. BIG is an employee support group: If you have a problem on the job, your BIG chapter can be an excellent resource for help and counsel. Many BIG members have dealt with similar problems and can suggest strategies for combating them. BIG also has a list of attorneys experienced in handling the type of problems BIG members may encounter.


4. BIG is a professional development organization: Every year BIG sponsors a national training conference which brings together national leaders and experts from around the country to address Black government workers. The conference is a unique training experience for government workers, providing you an exposure to issues often overlooked in the day-to-day workplace.


5. BIG is a community resource: Your BIG chapter can be a strong force in the community helping to fight such community problems as drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, AIDS, illiteracy, and voter registration. The skills you develop on the job can be invaluable in promoting community activities through your BIG chapter.


6. BIG is networking: By becoming a member of BIG, you are becoming a part of an organization that includes workers from all levels of government and all areas of the public workforce. The national training conference provides opportunity to meet experts from around the country, employers from other agencies, and pick up information and resources that can help you professionally and in your personal growth.


7. BIG is a chance to make a difference: We can accomplish together what you cannot do alone. With BIG you can work toward your goals with people who have similar goals. You can do something about the institutional and socioeconomic problems you face in the workplace and in the community. You can use your skills and talents in a setting in which they are needed.


8. BIG keeps you informed: BIG keeps you up to date with the latest developments affecting the African American government employee. From the Washington, D. C. headquarters, we publish the monthly BIG Bulletin, and a quarterly magazine, The BIG Reporter. Regions and chapters also publish newsletters that focus on local issues.


9. BIG recognizes your achievements: Each year BIG gives out awards to those who have made a major contribution to the goals and objectives of the organization. Regional councils and local chapters also recognize such achievements. These awards set role models for excellence in government service.


10. BIG is an opportunity: BIG is the chance you have been waiting for to step up and take your place in the loop. To be a part of the fast-moving events that affect your world as a government employee, you need an organization like BIG that can speak for you and through which you can voice your views. If you are concerned about equity, excellence, and opportunity in government, you should consider BIG.