2018 Mile High Chapter Youth Competition

For More Information, Contact:
Name: Evelyn McGregor
Phone: 720-244-8868
E-mail Address: evelynmcgregor6@gmail.com

2018 BIG Mile High Chapter Youth Competition Programs Announcement Letter

Oratorical Competition Topic

"Uniting the Blue Divide: What Can Young People Do to Improve the Relationship Between Law Enforcement and Their Communities?"

9th - 12th Grade Category Students Compete for Awards and Scholarships.

Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Competition Topic

"Exploring Coding/Programming Opportunities"

9th - 12th Grade Students compete for Awards and Scholarships. Students will use coding/programming to create interactive animated projects that are narratives that tell a story or build an environment.

Competition Applications

1. STEM Forms
a. STEM Brochure
b. STEM Competition Plan Guide
c. STEM Competition Entry Form
d. STEM Youth Permission Form

2. Oratorical Forms
a. Oratorical Brochure
b. Oratorical Competition Plan Guide
c. Oratorical Competition Entry Form
d. Oratorical Youth Permission Form