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Region VI


1) Parliamentarian – Darrell Porter, Austin Chapter

2) Sergeant-At-Arms – Terry Lendo, Austin Chapter

3) Deputy Sergeant-At-Arms – Delton York, San Antonio

4) National Health Liaison – Chair, Anita Farrish, Austin Chapter,

                                                     Co-Chair, Faithy Wren, Austin Chapter

5) National Membership/State & Local Initiative Liaison –

Charlene Lee, North Texas Chapter

6) National Legislative Review Committee Liaison – Roye Reeves, Austin Chapter

7) National Legal Review – Duane Braxton, North Texas Chapter

8) National Communications/Public Relations Committee Liaison –

 Chair, Kenneth Cowan, North Texas Chapter;

 Co-Chair, The Honorable Gregory Reeves, Austin Chapter

9) National AE/EEO Committee – Jessyl Woods, North Texas Chapter

10) National Veterans / Military Affairs Committee:

Chair, Terry Lendo, Austin Chapter | Email:

Co- Chair, RoShona Anderson, North Texas Chapter | Email:

11) National Future Leaders in American Governemnt (FLAG) Committee:

Chair. Mrs Frances Walters, North Texas Chapter |


Co-Chair: TBD

12) NOW Generation Region VI – Tiwanda Wilson, Austin Chapter

13 Project BIG Vote – Roye Reeves, Austin Chapter

14) Programs Committee – Shelly Warren, Greater New Orleans Chapter

15) Historian – Honorable Gregory Reeves, Austin Chapter

16) Regional Youth Program – Chair, Latischa Hanson, North Texas Chapter

                          Co-Chair, Latischa Hanson,

17) Regional Prestige Awards Committee:

Chair, Florise Bolds, Greater New Orleans Chapter

   18) Regional Prestige Awards Committee - Florise Bolds, Greater New Orleans Chapter

   19) Region VI Webmaster – Ken Cowan, North Texas Chapter

  20) Region VI Fundraiser Committee – Chair, Christine Smith, USDA Arkansas;

  Co-Chair, Tiwanda Wilson, Austin Chapter

  Dr. Betty Harris, San Antonio Chapter

  Frank Traylor , San Antonio Chapter

21) Chaplain – Shelly Warren, Greater New Orleans Chapter



Standing / AD HOC Committee Members 2019 - 2020

  Chair, Chair, RoShona Anderson, North Texas Chapter  | Email             Terry Lendo - Austin Chapter

            Charlene Lee - North Texas Chapter

 Chair, Keiara P. Thierry – Lower Mississippi River | Email

             Jacqueline Cook - North Texas Chapter

             Latischa Hanson - North Texas Chapter

             Roye Reeves – Austin Chapter

             Darrell Porter - Austin Chapter

Region VI Nominations Committee 2019

Region VI Election Committee 2019

Edward Ratcliffe

Council President

San Antonio Chapter

Dr. Annette Benging

2nd Vice President

San Antonio Chapter

Gwenda Lowe

Assistant Secretary

Dallas Metroplex Chapter

Rev. Dr. Carmelita Pope-Freeman


Dallas Metroplex Chapter

Floyd Miles Jr.


Greater New Orleans Chapter

Katherine Cage

Immediate Past President

Houston Area Chapter

Frances Walter

Assistant Treasurer

North Texas Chapter

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Board of Directors

Katherine Cage

Houston Area Chapter

Honorable B. Faye Stewart

1st Vice President

Houston Area Chapter

Shelly Warren

Greater New Orleans Chapter