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Blacks in Government History

Blacks In Government (BIG)  was conceived in 1975 by black federal employees in the Dept of Health, Education  and Welfare at the Parklawn Building in Rockville, Maryland.  The organization was incorporated as a non-profit organization under the District of Columbia jurisdiction in 1976.

The Nebraska Chapter  was established on August 12, 1984 and as with other chapters serve as the operating arms of the organization, carrying out a variety of programs to meet local needs and conditions under the general objectives and goals of the organization.

Today there are over 230 Chapters throughout our 11 regions.   BIG members are diverse in backgrounds, interests and occupations.  There are executives, managers, supervisors, administrative assistants, secretaries, police officers, city managers, council members, state legislators as well as many rank and file government workers.


The individual member is served primarily throughout the Chapter and the Chapter is supported by a regional and national network which undergirds its programs and activities.


In general, there are no restrictions on the activities of the Chapter so long as they do not infringe upon the organization's status as a nonprofit/nonpa

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