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Serving Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota.


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BIG Goals and Objectives

BIG functions as an employee support group, an advocacy group and a resource group for Black civil servants. Its stated goals and objectives are:
1. To be an advocate of equal opportunity for Blacks In Government.
2. To eliminate practices of racism and racial discrimination against Blacks In Government.
3. To promote professionalism among Blacks In Government.
4. To develop and promote programs which will enhance ethnic pride and educational opportunities for Blacks In Government.
5. To establish a mechanism for the gathering and dissemination of information to Blacks In Government.
6. To provide a nonpartisan platform on major issues of local, regional, and national significance that affect Blacks In Government.

About the Region

The Purpose of the regional council is to implement the goals, policies and objectives of Blacks In Government as set forth in the National Constitution.

About the Council

1. The Council consists of two (2) elected Regional Directors to the National Board of Directors and three (3) elected Chapter Representatives.
2. Each regional council representative works together to support their chapter goals and the goals of the Region.
3. The council determines the policy of the Region and has the authority to undertake all appropriate actions requiring the attention of the Region.




Regional Members

At the 2015 National Training Institute, Orlando, Florida